Monday, March 19, 2012

The Writer, poem

-- Poetry --

Today's poem comes to us from my father-in-law, Frank Brummet... in this poem he shares insight into the mental workings of a writer. 

The Writer

You pass on the street, he looks quite normal,
Yet on closer inspection something is awry.

With furrowed brow and restless eyes
He is somewhere else, far removed.
Busy creating, composting, constructing.
He moves in a haze, his steps automatic, 
His destination unsure or unknown.

If you could see behind those eyes, 
Excise the frontal, expose the brain,
Therein a mass of waiting words,
Partial sentences, tangled metaphors,
Similes, musical sounds that rhyme,

All milling about, eager to find
The path that leads down the arm
To the pen or computer keyboard.
The gate opens, the current flows
Onto the paper or over the screen.

Then the editing, cold and cruel,
Killing the trite clever phrases,
Cut and shorten and rearrange,
Making sense of original garble

Till it becomes clear and coherent, 
A final render of potential genius,
Passionate product of the writer's mind

- Frank Brummet

-- Conscious Living Event --

Monday, Mar. 19th 7 PM (Pacific)

BEYOND MONEY w/ Tom Greco - a FREE "off-the-grid" discussion of alternative economies at Joyce Beers Community Center
Location: 3900 Vermont St. in San Diego. 
San Diego (California - USA)

Tom Greco is an author of several books on alternative economies.  He also directs the Community Information Resource Center, a nonprofit consulting organization and networking hub dedicated to economic equity, social justice, and community improvement, specializing in community currency and mutual credit design, development, and implementation.

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