Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Composting & Volunteering

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“…The whole idea that you need to spend money it is a materialistic illusion when applied to the volunteer sector; we seem to feel that donating money is accomplishing the goal. But I would encourage people to get involved in the activities; until you have worked out the specifics of what you are doing - how it is going to succeed, how you will attract people and manage the volunteers - then you can talk about fundraising. …How are you going to get the participants or recipients engaged? …Actually making it work inch by inch on the ground can be challenging. …You have to motivate people, get them intrigued, sometimes getting some competition happening. …It is our job as the volunteer organizers to brainstorm and brainstorm to find tricks and ideas to enhance the motivation. …Government as a solution to community problems just doesn’t work – the answer really is the volunteer sector.”

~ Jim Payne

Today's quote was excerpted from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode titled: Volunteering in OurCommunities

Find the full interview via this link:

-- Positive News -- 

The new anaerobic digestion system designed by Ruihong Zhang, a UC Davis University professor of biological and agriculture, and distributed by Clean World Partners - relies on bacteria to break down biodegradable waste material in the absence of oxygen. Zhang's system turns that waste into such valuable byproducts as renewable energy, compost, water, and natural fertilizer. 

The machine can convert 7.5 tons per day of food waste from regional food producers and a half-ton each day of non-recyclable corrugated material into natural gas. The system prevents an estimated 2,900 tons of waste from entering landfills each year and has created about 22 jobs.

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