Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gardening, Soil & Street Cleanup Projects

-- Sunday Gardening --

Today's episode of Sunday Gardening will offer tips for gardeners, discuss common chores this time of year and more! Have questions? Garden problems you need help with? Want to share garden tips or resources?  - Drop in the live chat room or  you can also email them to us ahead of time and we'll cover them in this episode if time allows. Can't make the live show? - no problem, you can access the archive at your convenience later on.

-- Making a Difference at Home --
Since we moved to the new community – Creston BC – we were busy with settling in and doing various projects to the house which we’ve talked about before on the radio show, such as finishing the basement (putting in new flooring, building a bathroom and laundry room, insulating and dry-walling the walls, painting and some plumbing / ducting upgrades), new windows, doors, attic insulation, etc. And we did most of this just after the move before the snow fell and during the winter months. Because of this we haven't had a chance to do a lot for the community or the environment, as we normally do - except starting a compost, of course.

Since the snow melted in March and April – we’ve had a chance to pick up trash along the street we live on, and several side streets, the alley’s in the neighborhood and a couple of parks in the area. Just recently, we’ve moved up to another neighborhood and started working on a popular dog walking area along the trails that follow the railway tracks.  

In just one hour we filled two grocery shopping bags with trash – some of it was recyclable, and a couple of returnable containers – so when we got home I went ahead and sorted through it for plastic lids, straws, bags and other recyclables such as batteries. I've found that stepping on take out drink containers and jugs helps by reducing how much space they take up in the bag. 

We noticed that along this new route there was so much trash that it might take us several bouts to clean it all up. However along the streets we've already done people are being more conscious and fewer pieces of trash are accumulating than in the past. If an area is cluttered with trash people are more willing to drop theirs too - but if it is pristine they don't feel that dropping that gum wrapper (or whatever) is appropriate. So the streets stay cleaner for longer periods of time.
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