Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reduce Waste, Increase Joy

-- Quote of the Day --

“…Don’t discount that nagging voice, if you listen to it maybe some personal setbacks could have been avoided. As human beings, however, we are wired in a way that when we are in good times and everything is OK then we don’t learn, but sometimes we have to go through difficult things in order for us to wake us up. If a person is having a continual thought they have to realize that is their intuition is speaking to them and that it is time to listen to it. …Be interested in your life, be interested in your career; not just on a day to day basis – once you start looking of things in a bigger way then you start to create a life and work that brings you joy.

~ Ruchira Agrawal

Today's quote was excerpted from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show interview titled: For Entrepreneurs

-- Positive News -- 
I was reading an article in the Business Week publication about Seattle’s efforts to reduce trash… They’ve actually banned foam take-out containers in that city – which I thought was phenomenal. They also require citizens to recycle and compost. Currently the city is recycling about 53% of the waste, but hopes to improve the efficiency of their system even more with innovative test projects such as collecting garbage bags every other week, instead of weekly. Their hope is that it will further encourage people to increase recycling and composting efforts. Personally, we have less than a third of a bag going out every week, while some people in our neighborhood consistently put out 3-4 bags (despite at 2 bag limit). So in our situation we would only fill a bag once every 3 weeks- unless we are doing some home improvement construction job, which generates more waste - however we pay for weekly pickup like everyone else and so we put it out on the curb. Besides, it helps keep odors down. 

Numerous big-chain restaurants and coffee shops are working hard to make a difference with their choice of take-out containers as well. McDonalds restaurant chain banned foam take-out containers years ago, so they were ahead of the crowd on this one. While Starbucks is aiming for recycling on the front-end, where customers contribute their used cups etc. Lots of other companies are changing the take-out containers for food and drink – and we can only celebrate their efforts.

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