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World of Writing, interview

-- World of Writing Interview -- 

Trudy Scott of California, USA describes herself as a “Food Mood Expert and Certified Nutritionist” who focuses on educating women about whole food and nutrients, and how to find natural solutions for anxiety and stress, depression and other mood problems. Trudy was the former president of National Association of Nutrition Professionals and is currently the Special Adviser to the organization. She is the author of: The Anti-anxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood, and End Cravings.

Q: Who inspired you to pursue a career in writing?

I was inspired to write my first book due to my own experiences with anxiety and panic attacks. In my late 30s I suffered terribly from anxiety, unexplained fears, waking with a sense of doom and even panic attacks - and I have used gluten elimination, and the amazing healing powers of foods and nutrients to completely heal.  I went through a major transition in my 40s, going back to school to study nutrition, leaving my corporate computer job and starting my own business to help women with mood problems. 

Q: How does writing help you make a difference in the world?

It’s so important that the powerful food mood connection becomes mainstream and I’m on a mission to make this happen! Writing my book is part of my mission to share this information and all the current food mood research.

Q: What do you do when you are not writing?

I work as a Food-Mood expert and nutritionist, educating women about real whole food and finding natural solutions for anxiety and stress, burnout, depression and other mood problems, and the associated sugar and carb cravings.  I am currently working as a Special Advisor to the board of directors at National Association of Nutrition Professionals. On top of this I do national presentations to mental health practitioners on food and mood, sharing all the recent research and how-to steps for implementing changes. And I love to do workshops for women with mood problems.

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced in writing your non-fiction books?

I’m a total research-nerd and I loved doing the research for the book. I think the biggest challenge for me what being able to say: “This is it…stop here…and any newer research can be included in the next edition of the book”.  

Q: What was your path to publication?

I was a presenter at the annual conference of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals ( and an acquisitions editor from New Harbinger was in the audience and approached me afterwards asking me if I’d like to write a book.  I was thrilled and obviously said yes!

Q: What is your proudest writer moment?

My proudest moment was being awarded the 2012 National Association of Nutrition Professionals / NANP Golden Carrot Award for IMPACT – for serving on the board for 6 years, for serving as VP and then president, my work on the legislative front, and for the publication of my book and consequently becoming known as a food mood expert.  

Q: What are the biggest surprises you’ve encountered as a writer?

One of the biggest surprises is how hard you have to work to sell your book and become known! It’s almost as much work as writing the book but fortunately it is an aspect I thoroughly enjoy! I get out and speak, I submit press releases, I do interviews (like this one), I blog regularly and send out an electronic newsletter, I use social media and I am constantly monitoring what works and what doesn’t. The great thing is that it is fun and it does pay off.  I’ve been quoted in Cosmopolitan, AARP Magazine and Sacramento Magazine and interviewed on NPR and morning shows like Fox 40.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my story! I hope it helps and inspires other authors and would-be authors!

    I'd like to add that another very proud moment was seeing my first Amazon review: "I cried my way thru this book ~ out of JOY~ for finally finding a very helpful book!...." This and other feedback like this confirm just how much I'm helping people and making a difference.


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