Sunday, July 15, 2012

Green & Ethical Music

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Best of Conscious Discussions series offers highlights from some of the best discussions we've had in the past. Today is our 23rd episode in this series - Featuring 2 experts on: Green and ethical music.     Michael White  of Raven Bear Drums was a professional hockey player, who once played for the Detroit redwings, among other teams – but when that career ended he became lost and depressed and in this state of disorientation issues from the past crept back in his mind and he spent some time on the street. Michael grew up outside of his culture in a foster home, and he now works to build a gap between the aboriginal world, the world on the street, and the rest of the world. He shares his passion for making a difference and closes with a beautiful poem about adoption. Today he is an artist, musician & performer; he facilitates drum building & culture bridging workshops & lectures to a variety of youth groups. Julie White (Draper), his wife and partner, is an artist and her work is featured on their drums as well.
Neal Turley is joining us to discuss the company Sustainable Waves, which provides an alternative to festivals, carnivals and city celebrations. Neal and his business partner, Mark McLarry, provide solar powered stage & sound    services for these types of events... they even deliver by way of bio diesel trucks! Find out what happens behind the scenes of music events.

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