Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reader's Thoughts on Conscious Living


Today's blog post is all about our readers here on this blog :)  - We've received several emails from our readers who wanted to share some interesting points about discovering happiness, and also realizing the environmental impact we can all have by taking on simple activities like carpooling. I thought I'd share highlights from a couple of these, along with the link to the full articles for you all to check out when you have time.

 -- Happiness --

I was reading an article that was sent to me by one of our readers ( and was moved by some of the tips shared by 10 experts in helping people become more satisfied in life.

Some of their tips include:

- Happiness is about accomplishing something worthwhile with your life.

- Happiness isn't something we are born with , we can learn to find happiness.

- Personal perception plays a big role in the level of happiness we experience.

- Finding challenges in our every day activities that encourage us to reach for the very best in ourselves, helps us realize the impact we can have and develops confidence in our abilities.

- Money and possessions don't create happiness; it is the relationships we develop along life's journey that bring us happiness.

- Creating a pattern of being grateful leads to happiness, because we realize all the wonderful things in our lives rather than focusing on the negatives.

-- Effects on Carpooling -- 

Another reader of our blog here offered a really interesting article about car-pooling ( and  I've broken down some of the main points here below that I thought were the most compelling reasons to take on carpooling as part of an every-day activity.

- Save on how much you pay for gas; even by pitching in and offering a few bucks a week to help cover the costs that the driver will face, you'll save a lot of money. In fact, everyone saves money in the end.

- You'll have less costs involved in maintaining the vehicle your family owns, less wear on the tires and so on.

- Carpoolers (except for the driver of course) experience less stress and have more time to do other activities such as learning new skills via listening to our online radio show (lol) or audio books, or catching up on work and family by being able to have more time to use their laptop or hand held device.

- Fewer cars on the road mean fewer emissions. 

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