Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Recycling Cigarette Butts

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“Life is full of obstacle illusions.” 

~ Grant Frazier

-- Recycling Cigarette Butts --

* Source: Recycling Product Newsletter:

TerraCycle, a world leader in taking things that are not traditionally accepted in mainstream recycling programs – such as potato chip bags, food and beverage packaging and hospital waste, and recycling them into new products. They’ve recently gone one step further with the launch of a free program to collect and recycle cigarette waste in Canada.  

The Cigarette Waste Brigade program will recycle cigarette butts, foil and plastic packaging to create reusable industrial pallets. Visit their site (below) to sign up for the program and be able to send boxes of cigarette litter to them. 

This would be great for hotels, motels, park staff and environmental clean up crews as well. Programs like the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup would certainly benefit from this since last year there were over 350 thousand butts collected. Participants log into their account, print out a pre-paid shipping label and once TerraCycle receives their package their account is credited with points that can then be used to purchase gifts or donate to a charity. 

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