Friday, September 21, 2012

Conscious Events

-- Quote of the Day -- 

Peace Corps – I joined when I was 62, it was a wonderful experience; I’ve stayed beyond my term and have been back several times. …I volunteered locally and overseas – I was a mother with 4 children and I never took a vacation for the sake of a vacation, I always had a purpose in mind. It was difficult because sometimes I had to find alternative care for the children… but if you have a purpose it is simply more fulfilling than just sitting on the beach. …You live with the level of the people there, you are with the people and help counteract the negative. For myself, personally, after the loss of my son and then my foster son, I really wanted to get into a new environment, to not have so many reminders of them around me. …It was very helpful in terms of healing from the grief.  …I felt culture shock in reverse, because [when I came back from my term with the Peace Corps] we’ve acclimated ourselves to a different lifestyle completely. If you can’t join the Peace Corps join another group – it is such a healing process.

~ Barbara Joe

Today's quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show interview that aired back on July 1 titled: Volunteering with thePeace Corps

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 -- Conscious Living Events -- 

Today is the International Day of Peace and this year's mantra is "Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future."

This awareness day is celebrated each year on 21 September, and is a global call for ceasefire and non-violence. Communities across the globe will be hosting a variety of events focusing on issues within that community. Internationally, there will be a meeting in Rio where talks will focus on sustainability. 

"The root causes of many conflicts are directly related to or fueled by valuable natural resources, such as diamonds, gold, oil, timber or water. Addressing the ownership, control and management of natural resources is crucial to maintaining security and restoring the economy in post-conflict countries." ~

Another happening going on is the:

2012 Conference on Canadian Stewardship (Sept 20-21)

Location: Marriot Harborfront, Halifax (Ontario, Canada)

Info: "The Conference on Canadian Stewardship brings together hundreds of delegates representing industry, government and stewardship programs from across North America and Europe. ...These industry-led events have focused on themes that are essential to the creation, operation, and sustainability of efficient product stewardship programs in Canada. This year’s conference theme is “Sustainable Stewardship” which will examine such topics as governance of programs, measuring program performance, and how programs evolve to create more effective systems."~

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