Saturday, September 29, 2012


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“…It can be difficult to fathom the millions of bags that are out there and bringing it down to the personal level – but for me when I go grocery shopping it is 10-12 bags each time. So if I went shopping twice a week that is more than 20 bags - if you multiply it exponentially you can see how big the issue is. And it is not just the plastic making garbage, it is the process of making the bags that is so harmful to the environment, the plastic in our oceans, the oil required to make plastic. …The great thing about recycled products (bags) is that they are really durable. For instance the seat belt bag – these are seat belts that, because of strict safety laws, would have ended up in the landfill – but there were creative people out there who decided to make bags out of them. We have a bag made of recycled plastic bottles that can be thrown in the washing machine. The mosquito-netting bag can be wiped down. Even the magazine and candy wrapper bags can be wiped off.”

Stefanie Kusner

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode titled: Eco-friendly Bags

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-- Positive News -- 

* Source: Recycling Product Newsletter (

The electronics recycling program here in BC has grown now to include many items outside of office equipment, entertainment and hand held devices (from cell phones, keyboards and stereos to ipods, etc.) – they expanded into small appliances (blenders, mixers, can openers, microwaves, etc.), which proved to be a huge success. They are now accepting power tools (the first in Canada), sewing machines and exercise equipment. They are even accepting leisure, arts and craft devices (glue guns, electric binoculars, etc.). In total there are more than 300 different types of electrical devices the program now accepts. 

According to the Minister of Environment for BC – our province is a leader in recycling programs. Just last year BC’ers recycled 20,000 metric tonnes of electronics, 40,000 tonnes of tires and over 1 billion non-alcohol beverage containers. That is a lot of recycling! And the best thing about this, besides helping the environment, is that these activities stimulates the economy – creating jobs along the way. 

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