Saturday, October 20, 2012

Forests, Food, Trees, & Volunteers

 -- Quote of the Day --

(On volunteering)

“…So we would plant these trees so that 90 years from now the kids, when they are super old, can tell their grandchildren – ‘You see that tree, I planted that tree’ and tell the story of the walk-about that the trees themselves could tell. We had 21 different varieties of oak, different kinds of pitch pine and cedar – and the kids always came back feeling like the tree connected with who they are. …We built this organization one individual at a time. …The interesting thing about volunteers – is that everybody out there is invited to volunteer. People wait to be asked and are shy about that and wait to be invited. But every volunteer organization welcomes volunteers. People are just too shy and don’t think they can help. The first meaning in the word Armature is ‘one who loves’ – so when you do things out of love you’ll make mistakes, but everyone has a talent.”

Frank Cipriani

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode titled: Small Acts Can Changethe World

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-- Conscious Living Event --

Oct 20 – 21

Permaculture-based Food Forest Gardening
Location: Clear Sky Centre, near Cranbrook, BC (Canada)

Info Learn how to combine layerings of perennial nuts, fruits and medicinals for an abundant and diverse food and medicine supply in your garden or on your farm. Great for garden and food enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. If you have previously taken a permaculture course you will find that this course provides the practical details you need to implement permaculture’s broader principles and theories.

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