Friday, November 16, 2012

Events, Organics & Paint

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“It is not so much whether a paint is labeled as washable, it is the finish that you choose. Flat paint typically gives a more rich, elegant look – the look explodes more than other finishes. The nice thing about flat paint is it is really easy to touch up. An eggshell or satin finish has a bit of a shine to it and is easier to wash, but you’ll see the touch-ups and scrub marks. …When it comes to choosing a paint, you get what you pay for. …It might cost twice as much but you are having to use half as much paint. The finish, the colors are absolutely stunning. …You want a full spectrum paint – the color is more enhanced, will change throughout the day, and will give a more full look.”

Jeanette Chasworth

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on September 6th, 2012 - titled: Color Your world

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 -- Conscious Living Event -- 

Nov 16-17
Annual New York State Recycling Conference

Location: Otesaga Resort Hotel, Cooperstown – NY (US)


November 17th
** FREE composting workshop  

Location:  Dixieline Kearny Mesa - San Diego, CA (USA)


-- Positive News -- 

The BioGreen360 food digester developed by WasteQuip is designed for indoor use and can consume kitchen organic waste including fish and other meat. The food waste is  ground, heat is added to sterilize the product while it is churned. There is no plumbing required because there is now water needed and there is no liquids remaining. The end product comes out a spout on the side of the machine and equates to only about 10% of the volume of the waste that was put in – the finished compost that has about 10% moisture left in it. The company now has 4 different models are available that can handle 250-1,500 lbs of organic waste per day. 

Source: Zero Waste San Diego
We were sent the following announcement the other day and I am thrilled to share it with our readers as it offers a wonderful example of how cities are stepping up to help their citizens make the green conversions around the home and office:

 The City of San Diego's Environmental Services Department is excited to announce a new program that is providing City of San Diego residents with discount vouchers for backyard compost bins. One voucher per household, proof of residency required, while supplies last.

For more information about the Compost Bin Voucher Program or to fill out an application, please visit:

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