Friday, November 9, 2012

One Comment = 50 bowls of food for animal shetlers !

Help us in this fantastic campaign to feed animals in shelters...

This morning we received a very inspiring email from Michele Hollow, an online friend of ours and former guest on our radio show: "I am hosting my annual Comments for Pet Food drive. All you have to do is leave a comment here: and your comment will feed 50 shelter cats and dogs. That's it. Nothing else." 

How inspiring is that? 

So of course I went over to the URL this morning and left a comment. Such a small thing, took only one minute, and I was able to help feed 50 meals to animals. Rediculously easy! - Be sure to scroll down the page when you get to that URL to find that comment form.

Not having pets when in my childhood, I embraced having cats as companions (despite allergies) right up to just a few years ago when the older cats passed on. As a couple, Dave and I have had rescue and adopted (from shelters) animals since we got together 22 years ago - and in fact Dave's family adopted a dog from a shelter when he was a young boy, so he had the joys of growing up with pets. We are so passionate about sharing our home with the homeless - by doing so we can reduce the suffering in the world just a little bit, and for the animal I'm sure that is everything to them.

In the last 15 years we've been able to adopt 4 rescue dogs in total - two of these passed on over the years, but we just adopted another (the 4th) a few days ago. Duchess and our other dog Skyla melded together beautifully; playing and sleeping together like litter mates. Their joy is contagious!

Over the years, when finances allow, we've visited various animal rescue and rehabilitation stations and dropped boxes of materials from printer paper, stamps, envelopes, paper towels, Kitty Litter, dog food, treats and other things like collars, leashes, bowls, toys and so on.

We donate a portion of our income from the Brummet Media Group to charities including animal rescue groups - and this year, even though the budget is tight, we've decided to focus on the local animal rescue/rehabilitation group:

It is wonderful that Michelle's blog offers yet another way to support shelters.

 Hopefully we can get even more people joining up on this campaign.

in sincere appreciation,


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