Wednesday, November 7, 2012


-- Quote of the Day -- 

When I look at the attributes and the mindset of successful people… They set a goal, they set a destination in mind and nothing is going to deter them from reaching that goal. …They’ll take on information, they will see what works, what doesn’t work; they readjust and then go back at it. …They are constantly heading where they want to go. They actually enjoy the challenge – because it is not only overcoming the challenge of the obstacle, they want to see how far they can push themselves and succeed. …We learn so much by going through the process then just being handed (someone else’s) answer. …’Abundance’ is really just a general word for believing that you can have an abundance of health, time, health, joy… and it becomes a lifestyle. …Abundance is really just energy, and energy has to keep moving – that is the nature of energy.

~ Gary Spinell

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on … titled: Beyond intent

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-- Positive News -- 
A few days ago, I posted some information on recycling and how it can create millions of jobs on the planet, thereby stimulating the environment and improving technological fields as well. Recycling is also a blessing for the environment as it takes a heck of a lot more energy, water, fuels and other resources to create a product from raw resources than it does to create new products out of recycled materials. Rare and valuable materials can also be obtained so much easier and much more efficiently through recycling efforts.

Today I'd like to mention a resource for you - this is just a brief 2 minute or so video of an interview where the person interviewed talks much more eloquently on this topic:

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