Friday, March 1, 2013

Believe & Trust in Your Ability to Create Change

-- Quote of the Day --

“For each person needs to really know and believe and trust in their own natural creativity ability – it {art} is as much a part of you as any other part that you can already see. All of us are artists and poets – it is just a natural way to express things that don’t have understanding. Find beauty everywhere, it is everywhere, and create it - it is just amazingly healing. Let go of the past; stay in the moment – and you’ll love your life.”

~ Denise Demaras


Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on Dec 13… titled: Healing Power of Art

 (*Click on the title to access the full discussion)

-- Referral Corner -- 

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an international independent non-profit
organization that represents some 655 investors and focuses on evaluating large corporations around the globe in regards to the actions they are taking for climate change and sustainability. The CDP Global 500 Report is released annually showing the rankings of the companies and countries they have studied. This year the top 2 companies were Bayer (based in Germany) and Nestle (headquarters located in Switzerland). Canadian companies such as Tim Hortons, Bank of Montreal, also made the list of leaders. Congratulations to these and many other companies across the planet who have been found to be leaders in making the world a better place.

Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network : A proactive network of thousands of participants who focus on encouraging environmental stewardship and sustainability in the Canadian Columbia Basin area (Kootenay, Boundary regions of BC, Canada) by supporting environmental education initiatives.  

Hands On Network: This organization empowers and inspires people to create positive change and shows them that they have the power to make a difference.

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