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Water Conservation

Water Conservation Tips

Helen Davies is a writer for Better Bathrooms, who sell good-looking contemporary and traditional bathrooms at realistic prices. * A special note of appreciation to Becky Franks of Better Bathrooms as well.

Save water, save money.

Let's be honest, our utility bills aren't going to come down by themselves any time soon, and every day we're made more aware of our need to use water more efficiently. More than half of the water we use each day is in the bathroom and over 24% of a household-heating bill is from heating hot water. Fortunately, there are now a huge number of bathroom products and tips available, which will help you to dramatically reduce your water, use and save you money; here are five of the best:

Reduced capacity baths

The average household bath has the capacity to contain over 80 litres of water, that’s almost double the water you would use when having a four-minute shower. If you are looking to replace your bathroom suite then opt for a lower capacity bath. If you really want to reduce your water consumption you could always skip the bath and take a shower! If you replaced just one bath a week with a shower you would save £15 a year on your gas bill and £25 on your water bills, based on UK averages.

Water efficient showerheads

There are now a fantastic range of water efficient showerheads, that although use less water actually produce the same water pressure as a normal shower.  This is a great way to reduce your water consumption especially as so many of us love a long hot shower to wake us up on these dark winter mornings. 

Water efficient toilets

Many toilets now include a dual flush feature, these are great at saving water but if you are not looking to replace your toilet, you can now get your hands on a dual flush conversions toilet kit. The kit will convert your bathroom toilet into a dual flush at a fraction of the price than replacing your current WC unit. 

Lower flow taps

If you don’t want to replace your entire bathroom then replacing your taps can be a cheaper alternative. Aerated or regulated flow taps will probably be most suitable for your bathroom. A new set of taps will also serve to add a fresh glamor to any bathroom.

Fix that tap

Many of us will have at least one tap in the house that drips; you would be shocked at how much water this actually wastes. A faulty dripping tap will waste over 5500 litres of water every year, that’s enough to fill 68 baths!

If you adopt just one of these water saving tips you will see a dramatic reduction in your water consumption and water bills, why not give them a go and let us know the results.

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