Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yoga for the Hands

As most of my readers are already aware, I’ve been doing reviews for about 15 years on a variety of different items, and when I do receive a product for review it is sent to me free of charge. I don’t accept any payment for doing a review and will only recommend products or services that I would use myself and truly believe the product and company focus on making the world a better place. A full description of the review policy can be found on the blog’s review page: Brummet’s Product Reviews.

I’ve been involved in a car accident that left me with many aching injuries and due to the hard labor in my life I’ve developed arthritis in several joints. As a writer and member of the media I spend a lot of time on the keyboard and my hands really do ache within just a few hours of office time. Being an avid gardener and do-it-yourselfer my hands often ache when using clippers and heavy shoveling activities. As such, I was excited to have the opportunity to try out the YogaPro Celery Stick and YogaHands products, but was slightly skeptical as to the effectiveness and validity of their claims. After receiving the items in the mail that Steve Olson sent our way I was pleasantly surprised at how effective they really are. The package arrived in a slender plastic envelope and encased in a small plastic container (both are recyclable in our area) with a paperboard informational card printed on both sides.

According to their site the YogaHands helps relieve hand cramps, fatigue, carpal tunnel symptoms and eases arthritis. I tried the yoga hands product right away and found there was a slight ache for about 10 seconds initially, and then again for about 10 seconds after I removed it followed by a rush of heat and a slight tingle that evaporated in a matter of a few seconds – and then I felt this real freedom from the chronic ache I have in my hands, especially a few arthritic joints. The next day I tried the yoga hands tool for about 4 minutes on each hand and noticed that I experienced much less fatigue during the day in the office. Since then I’ve been using the tool in the evening or afternoon at the end of every day for about 5 or 6 minutes and look forward to the relief it provides my hands. The more I use it, the better they seem to feel. My husband was influenced by the results I had been noticing and has begun to use this lightweight hand-stretching therapy tool as well even though his hands are much larger than mine.

The Celery Stick has a wonderfully natural aroma and comes in a glass tube with a screw top and a rolling ball applicator - making the application process extremely easy, with no wasted product and no mess involved. I wasn’t sure if the product was having an effect on my arthritic joints, but kept using it every night while watching TV. I soon realized that there was less cracking sounds coming from the joints and they ached a little bit less. I hope this effect will continue to improve with long-term exposure to this all-natural product. The product contains, very simply, Arnica and Celery Seed oils – known for their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. When the inflammation is reduced it opens the pathways for natural body fluids to circulate providing proper nutrition and waste cycles to heal the area naturally. Arnica oil comes from the bright yellow flowers of the arnica plant and is traditionally used for sore joins and bruising commonly incurred from gardening and sports. Celery seed oil is obtained through a steam distillation of the seed itself and while the oil is most commonly used as an aide to digestion, menstrual and kidney issues, it is also used in flavoring, perfumes, soaps and hair products. In this case however the Celery Stick is meant for topical applications only where the oils work together to provide anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory relief and for boosting circulation to joints and muscles. 

The Yoga Hand retails for $39.95 (US) and the Celery Stick retails for $9.95 (US) , however the company offers economic international shipping charges and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Additionally, people can get a 25% off coupon for any products on the site if they sign up for the newsletter: 

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