Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Green Living Tips

 -- Green Living Tips -- 

With every passing year, our planet is becoming more polluted and thus, it is extremely important for each of us to adopt a green lifestyle and reduce the carbon emissions. Listed below are some interesting tips that focus on making certain changes in one's life to have a greener and healthier lifestyle. So, read and implement these interesting tips for green living and see what difference they make in your life.

* Change your refrigerator - A refrigerator is known to account for up to twenty percent of the total energy consumption of a home. If you do not have energy star labeled refrigerator, then it is best to buy a new one. Though, it may not be very cheap, but in the long run your investment would definitely pay off. Energy star labeled products are known to save electricity and thus, reduce the cooling and heating bills. If you cannot afford to buy a new refrigerator at the moment, then you still can save a great amount of energy by simply altering the temperature in your present refrigerator.

* Discard your energy-consuming washing machine - Laundry is one of the processes that consume a lot of water. Especially, if you have a traditional outdated washing machine, then you just cannot do away with the skyrocketing utility bills. Traditional washing machines use a great amount of energy and result in high electricity bills. Thus, it is advisable to replace them with energy-efficient machines and save on the water and electricity bills like never before.

* Replace your desktop computer with a laptop - A laptop consumes just twenty five to thirty percent of electricity used by a simple desktop computer. So, if you have a desktop computer, then get it replaced with a stylish laptop right away. This is a simple way to make your life greener and save money at the same time. If you cannot afford to buy a new laptop at present, then switch it off when not in use. This would surely save you some good amount of bucks.

* Make green changes in your house - Making environment friendly changes in the house are one of the best ways to support the green movement. The best part is that it would not really cost you much. Simple changes, like growing your own food by creating a little kitchen garden in the backyard of your house, using eco-safe paints to paint the walls of your property and installing double-paned windows and doors are some affordable, yet significant, changes that one can make in his or her home.

Most people do not know how easy it is to go green. With simple lifestyle alterations and replacement of energy-consuming machines with the energy-efficient ones, one can play a pivotal role in protecting Mother Nature, as well as save a great deal of money on the monthly utility bills. So, go ahead, implement the interesting tips mentioned above and support the green movement.


  1. These are some excellent insights. There are a number of easy, affordable ways to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. I am currently looking at several different energy efficient modular homes to do my part. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are some great green living tips! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Hi Jess & Jon = I enjoyed your comments and visited your sites - interesting stuff!


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