Saturday, September 7, 2013


Occasionally I take the opportunity to share poetry here on this blog - Today I'll share a few excerpts from my book Towards Understanding:


There is but a child in me,

Waiting to escape.

To see the wonders of the world,

And rid herself of hate.

She wants to feel joy in living,

And romantic summer eves.

She dreams of running wild,

Through autumn’s fallen leaves.

But I keep her well in side;

Afraid of experiencing pain.

She shouldn’t have to cry,

That sweet little child of mine.



Somewhere down deep below,

Feelings inside me multiply and sow.

The harder, colder feelings then enhance,

And outside, they are determined to show.

Sticking to all four sides, they take control.

Bouncing back and forth, the inner starts an echo.

Resounding lessons and sermons –

All mixed up words that reap confusion

As they bond and fill every hollow.

Somewhere down deep below,

The ability to love dimly glows.

It sends a shadow down the forbidden path…

And then one wall begins to erode.

One down, yet thousands to go…

Slower, yet steadier, the programmed feelings flow.

This endless battle has made the slightest advance,

Behold! The cycle has surely begun to slow!




My eyes are open wider now,

My ears are not so closed.

My mind is much broader,

My speech is more composed.

I’ll remember what I’ve been taught,

Until my dying day.

And I look forward to tomorrow,

While concentrating on today.

My goals are running higher in number,

My dream’s about to grow.

But I can now look back and remember…

To use what I now know.

I acknowledge what must be done,

Though I still hesitate,

Because I fear that one step to renew me…

Will only dissipate.

Yet tomorrow, I begin to walk

Up the inclined path,

And struggle up the virtuous cliffs

‘Til I reach life’s aftermath

The Aftermath of life I seek.

The payment for survival.

But ‘til then, I have to walk,

On these poor and blistered feet.

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