Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why Blogging Appeals To Me

A lot of people have asked me about the reasons behind my passion for blogging, what keeps me going, how I organize the posts and keep a daily activity going here. In fact I've written a few articles about this and discuss it in depth in our Purple Snowflake Marketing book... I thought I'd share a brief overview of what blogging means to me and how I go about the process of managing the blog.

I started blogging back in the hay-day of MySpace in 2005 I think it was when their members were offered a blog along with the page on this site. There, I basically placed announcements like when a book was coming out or where a review was published and that kind of thing. So these posts really went out only when there was something to announce and there was not real scheduling involved. As time went by I learned that blogging can, and should, be much more than blatant self-promotion.

I slowly realized that I could use the blog to help make a difference in the world and show support to people and organizations I cared about. As my networking circles increased people began sending me announcements about green and conscious living events that didn’t involve a fee – so I gladly shared those with my readers. I felt the increase in readership almost immediately. Sometime around 2007-2008 I moved over to the blog service I am using now and the blog has continued to evolve.

Currently, Brummet's Conscious Blog is a daily publication with a PR3 ranking and about 8,500-9,000 readers per month; most of our posts have a fresh inspiring quote that coincides with the topic of the day. Dave, my husband and partner, is responsible for the imagery on the blog. We feature submitted articles and poetry, and frequently offer World of Writing Q&A interviews as well. The topic headings tend to be consistent and fall under: Positive News, Referral Corner, World of Writing, Conscious Living Events, Product Reviews, Brummets in the Media, and Conscious Discussions Talk Radio Show. As you can see by those titles I do get some promotion and cross promotional activities in there, but the blog is more about sharing and networking then anything else.

Readers will also find side banners where advertisers and my own links are featured, and a section called Green Tip of the Day as well. I’ve been amazed at the attention the blog has gotten – it has been recognized over the years by the Brighter Planet Organization, Regional District of the Kootenay Boundary, Green Providers, and Versitile Bloggers associations.

Blogging is a great way to network with others in the realm of writing and media work, but it also keeps me writing content and thereby constantly challenging me to expand and grow as a writer. The focus of the blog is to help others live a more conscious, green and proactive, positive lifestyle – and as such this becomes another tool for helping to make the world a better place. The blog readers encourage me to continue to pursue my passions with their feedback and suggestions.

I'm constantly on the look out for interesting, informative content and truly enjoy networking with others. An ongoing relationship is created with people I network with and we often keep in contact for years.  When I feature other people or organizations on the blog, they tend to promote the event and then I get exposure too through their marketing efforts, or they might invite me to appear on their publication or radio show for an interview, or they may recommend others for me to network with. In return I’m always open to their submissions. In fact, I’m still networking with people I met early in 2004 – so blogging can be very effective in keeping these relationships alive.

I’ve created a special page on our main website that explains the blog and offers guidelines for potential submissions or networking and advertising opportunities. Additionally I’ve also created a “feature” episode on our radio show that shares similar information, but in an audio format. This helps me save a lot of time in communications because I can refer people to those resources that supply all the information they need. I also have a few draft email letters prepared that I use when people contact me – just by tweaking them a bit to suit the unique conversation I can save a great deal of time.

Besides these features, benefits and tools listed above, I personally use, and encourage our guests and readers to use, the social networking buttons on our blog to help spread the word about specific posts.

As you can see, I love blogging! 

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