Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Writers Advice - Reviews, Part 2

Over a 2 week time frame I'm offering some interesting and helpful information for writers in regards to obtaining and managing reviews of their work in a 3 part series... today is the 2nd installment. Find the first installment via the September 9th post -

What Happens to the Review Copy?

Most reviewers are not paid for their work. Only a few hard working reviewers are privileged to land a paying position for a publication or online site. Therefore, the book is the payment. Some authors find this worrisome. They are concerned that the reviewer will sell or exchange the book at a used bookstore. It is our opinion that if someone has spent several evenings reading our book, then several more hours writing a review, publishing it, then giving it to us for free and sometimes posting it online for us… well, they can do what they like with our book! When you think about it, if your book is worth $20, they are “earning” less than $5 an hour. 

We always include a letter along with review copies that gently reminds them of our conversation in the past and requests a notification of the book's arrival and their decision on it. We suggest that if the book is not destined for their own bookshelves, that they consider donating it to a library, school, mission for the poor or women's shelter. We even had responses where the contact was thrilled that we had considered this as they have been throwing rejected review copies (usually unsolicited) away in the past. Perhaps this small suggestion will help keep other authors' books out of their trash bin as well. 

The main goal here is not just waste reduction or community good will  - instead, the idea is to keep your book in circulation, continually building exposure and extending the value of your marketing budget.

Be Selective

Be very selective when querying reviewers. Make sure you have visited their website and are familiar with their style and preferences.

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