Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eco-design ideas for your home

 Today's article was submitted and written by Carissa Parnell and offers some insight into the myriad of ways that one can green their new home, and renovation or addition projects for any building.

Eco Design for Your Home
Architects Cheshire can build homes that, in addition to being beautiful and innovative designs, will be as energy efficient as possible.

Wherever you live, if you care about your impact on the environment you need to choose architects who employ eco-design methods. This kind of house saves you money throughout the life of the property and has less of an impact on the environment from the construction phase to day to day living. 

This does not just mean your new house will save you electricity. Architects Cheshire can make homes out of sustainable materials and save you money on your water bills too. A number of techniques used by modern designers will mean your beautiful new home, whether it is a work of art or homey and traditional, can help the environment.

Water can be saved in new homes created by architects who are dedicated to sustaining the environment. Methods are used so that the maximum amount of water possible is purified on site.

Renewable timber from certified and managed forests are used to build new homes in addition  to recycled stone, recycled metal and plenty of other non toxic, renewable materials.

Architects use high efficiency windows and positive solar design to help you use less electricity by maximizing the amount of natural light in your house.

If having a green home is important to you then there are architects you can use who work in conjunction construction companies that are also dedicated to sustainable development. This means you home is green outside and inside. Architects ensure your home is built with the latest technologies and facilities to enable you home’s power usage in minimal and it is efficient at saving waste and having less impact on the environment in the long term. In the construction phase builders use as few raw materials as possible and work to develop carbon neutral operation and reduce the amount of waste generating in the building process. When you choose responsible architects you can have an environmentally friendly home where sustainability has been considered at every stage of development.

Having an environmentally friendly home or property will not reduce its beauty or the ability for you to add extensions to your property in the future. Construction and architectural design is increasingly employing green methods. Whether it is a business or a private home it is possible to get gorgeous extensions, converted lofts and much more if you use creative designers who understand the nuances of architecture. This is all available while still employing sustainable methods and the money saved through reduced bills, therefore eco-designs are not really more expensive. 
If you are tired of your home and feel it is cramped having an extension can make all the difference and it means you do not have to move house for a change of scenery. Converting a loft or extending your kitchen with new sophisticated designs can completely transform your home, giving it a completely new atmosphere. 

Architects Cheshire appreciate that architecture is part art and part science. This understanding results in unique, individual designs that make your surroundings more than just a place to exist. Your home should have a design that comforts and stimulates you while saving you money and protecting nature. Cheshire is a great place to consider having a new eco-home built. There are architects available who are dedicated to sustainability. The desire to preserve the natural beauty of this area has generated environmental conscious among architects. If you desire a new build property consider the impact of building and only choose architects you can trust who care about the environment. 

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