Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Green Business and Success Tips

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“Reading – we all know that reading is important, it is a critical good habit… 88% of the wealthy in my study, they read 30 min or more each day of self-help, self-improvement, career related material; compare that to 2% of the poor. …The wealthy people their lives are all about continuous self improvement, so they read – they read 2 or more education books a month, so 24 books a year at a minimum. Poor people don’t do this – if they do read they read for entertainment. …79% of the wealthy network 5 hours or more per month verses 16% for the poor. …The habits that we pick up in life, 40% of the day is habit, so you are on auto pilot – if your parents did not teach you success habits, then 40% of the time you are on autopilot living poverty habits and life is bad. …66% of the wealthy watch 1 hour or less of TV per day; verses the average individual watching 6 hours of TV per day. …Even if you shaved off one hour and used it for reading, converting it to a rich habit. …44% of the wealthy in my study wake up 3 hours before work – doing all sorts of things from exercising, reading, meditation, studying… they are doing any number of things before they set foot in their business, where they have improved themselves in some way. …76% of the wealthy exercise aerobically 30 min or more 4 days a week; compare that to 34% of the poor… all you have to do is drop poverty habits and convert 1 or 2 of them to success habits – you have just improved your chances of success by four fold.”   

 ~ Thomas Corley 

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on May 7… titled: Successful Habits

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Green Website Hosting Options - What to Look For in a Green Hosting Company

* Today's article was written by Bryan Bean - a website hosting veteran who specializes in helping others  choose the perfect hosting company for your needs. To go to the G\green website hosting company that he recommends visit: - or, another helpful and fun site regarding green website hosting is Best Internet Host.

With care for environment becoming a rising tide, there are now many green hosting options to choose from. But with increasing number of green hosting options, confusion may also increase. Which one is "really" green or are they only "green washing" their business? Which one is better for your hosting needs? Which one is closer to your own understanding of green? I'll try to answer some of the questions you might have in this short article.

The first and the most obvious problem with normal hosting companies are, they use lots of electricity. And since a good amount of the "normal" electricity power used is generated using fossil fuels, that energy use contributes to many problems ranging from Global Warming to environmental pollution due to mining and extraction, dependency on foreign oil and even having to fight wars for oil. Therefore, the first thing a "green" hosting company does is to power their servers, coolers, offices etc using "green electricity". Green electricity is generated using renewable resources, mostly using wind turbines and solar panels. Sometimes biomass, biogas, or geothermal methods can also be used to generate "green electricity". All of your green hosting options should at least include a way to use renewable energy.

Many green website hosting options use what is called "Renewable Energy Certificates", or REC's. Once electricity enters the grid, you cannot distinguish which electron comes from which source; renewable energy companies also generate and sell RECs for each megawatt-hour of electricity they sell to the grid. Therefore, when a green hosting option buys electricity from the grid, and REC's enough to cover its own electricity use, they can rightfully claim to use green electricity without the need for another power grid exclusively for green electricity, or generating their own electricity.

And that takes us to the second option with green electricity. Some green website hosting options choose generating their own electricity, mostly using their own solar panels or wind turbines. This is a more direct approach, and makes more financial sense for the green hosting company in the long run. Because the wind turbines and solar panels have pay for themselves by electricity generated in 5 years, and an economic life of 25 years or more, it is more feasible in the long run. This is a more direct way of generating green electricity for a hosting company, and has more start-up costs.

Most green hosting options don't stop with powering their servers and coolers with green electricity. Some get more green energy credits than the electricity they use. This way they are reducing the impact they have made in the past by using electricity from non renewable resources. Some also power their offices with green electricity. Some promote telecommuting to save energy used on cars and transportation.

Energy is not the only thing that green hosting options provide either. Most green website hosting companies provide hosting for non profit organizations free, like environmental groups, peace initiatives etc. Therefore, they are using some more of their resources to provide support for worthy causes.

Some green hosting options provide other perks, like planting a tree on your behalf. Planting a tree provides multiple benefits, and popular among people with a high sense of care for the environment, and there are many environmental non profit groups who plant trees very cheaply, so it makes sense for the green hosting companies for the extra effort. Some green hosting companies further donate some percentage of their profits to Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund or other green non-profit organizations and support their efforts. Some green hosting options actively engage in green activists, emailing new green campaigns to webmasters, generating online support and awareness for green campaigns.

With that kind of green hosting options available to you, you can easily find a green hosting option tailor fit to your own needs. Just don't also forget that you're still getting hosting service, and in addition to being a green hosting option, your choice should also satisfy your requirements like price, 99.9% guaranteed up-time, bandwidth and disk space, customer support etc.

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