Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazing People Making A Difference

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-- Quote of the Day -- 

Re: business/charity:   
“We live in a very competitive world and …when you are looking for a business that stands out, it is a business that seems to have a pulse on what is going on and that they have a heart. …We have had the opportunity who have a built in model in place for helping out nonprofits, whether it is their online shopping cart where they give a portion of that, or people who will give time off for their employees to volunteer… A large business can sometimes be impersonal, if you have a connection to a nonprofit it makes your employees feel like they are apart of something greater than just going to work every day. …It makes it look like the business has a heart and they know what is going on and they want to help. …It’s never depressing, because I have been amazed by the conversations I have had with people who have a disease, how amazing their outlook is on their lives. One of the amazing things about this organization (the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation) is that we don’t focus on what is wrong, why you have MS and how this is bringing you down – but what can we do to how get through the day.  …They teach me how to not take my life for granted, and I feel like I am making a difference every day. …You don’t have to make a large donation to make a difference. …You are doing yourself and your employees a favor by finding a nonprofit in your area that you can connect with – for moral, for PR, for branding, for making a difference long term. …Be careful who you give your money or gifts in kind too – make sure that the money you are giving is going to the nonprofit, not to the technology they are using to raise funds.” 

~ Nathalie Sloane

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on May 28… titled: Business Partnering with Charities

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-- Positive News -- 

I saw an Architects of Change documentary recently where they highlighted a mayor who decided to get the community involved in creating more green space, and in doing so they created more green space per capita than any other city in the world. The city was able to plant more than a million trees so far, and create numerous community gardens. They also came up with a wonderful way of encouraging recycling in a sector of the community that wasn’t getting involved, the poor and homeless – the mayor had heard that farmers were throwing out excess harvests that couldn’t be sold – either the produce was too small or the market didn’t want them. So he made a deal with them to purchase that produce at a discount and used that as an incentive for the poor to bring in recyclables. The poor ended up screening the streets and alleys and walked all over the city to find recyclables, that are then weighed in on collection day and they are compensated with produce purchased from surrounding farms. The city’s recyclables are sold to recycle centers and those funds are used to help finance improvements the recycling program and to purchase produce from the farmers.

In another segment of this amazing TV show, I learned of a couple of fellas who started their own composting facility in India - they hire underemployed poverty stricken people to gather organics from the street and also from paying clients. The organics are transported to the facility and composted properly by a team of employees and then packaged for selling to local farmers. The farmers are seeing a 4-6X increase in yields using this compost over expensive chemical fertilizers. The thing was though that everyone turned these two innovative men away, thinking their idea was crazy. So they did it themselves in order to prove that it is an economically viable way of cleaning up the city, empowering the poverty stricken families, reduce emissions and save the city hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. The company is now selling their carbon emission savings through some of the organizations that offer carbon offset services. Yet another amazing success story...

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