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Tips to Promote Your Music via Facebook

With the help of interenet and social media in particular, the new music stars appear every day. If you have a band or solo music project, you definitely want to be one of them. Of course, talent is highly important, but these are your promotional efforts that determine if you wlll be popular or not. And now you have more opportunities than ever - with the minimum efforts you can become visible and heard by thousands of people worldwide. All you need to do is to use the available tools in the right way.
  One of the most popular media platform - Facebook - offers a lot of opportunities to promote your music online. There are several rules of Facebook music marketing you should stick to to improve your visibility and find the new fans. 

1.    The first and the most important thing to do is filling our your profile page in detail. Add info, contacts and of course more pictures and some of your tracks.

2.   Ask your friends to like and share your posts when you don’t have many fans yet. The more your posts are liked and commented on, the more likely they will get even more attractive for others.

3.   Make it easier for your fans to find you by customizing your profile address. The best address is the one that is equal to your band name. It’s convenient to place it on business cards, etc.

4.   Post regular.  Using the trial and error method, find your own posting schedule, being oriented on the time when your posts are commented on and liked by the maximum number of fans.

5.    Analyze your audience using Facebook tools. The more you know about your followers, the more effective marketing campaign you can develop.

6.   Pick a good player app for your page. The main thing you’re going to promote here is music, so present it to your visitors the best way possible. This is an important step in turning your visitors into fans.

7.   Don’t be selfish, reply to the comments on your posts. Be interactive, this is what social media are designed for. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to know more about the attitude of your audience to what you do.

8.   Run the competition! Ask people to share your page in return to the tickets on your concert or CD. If many people will share your posts, your popularity can just snowball.

9.   Post your lyrics, pictures and your songs together in order to create the full concept of what you do for them.

10.                  Ask for their thought. Don’t just post and post, use every opportunity to know what fans think about what you do. The constructive feedback can become of a good service for you.

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