Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Product Review

-- Product Review --

When I first learned of the products offered by through Jordan Hackney, the interesting shapes and stylized text and measurements burned into wooden rulers immediately intrigued me.  The original connection with Jordon was back on Oct. 29th and I received the product on November 18th in regular mail. One of the first things I noticed was that both the shipping container and on the interior packaging also had stylized text burned into them, and were made of recyclable cardboard. 

The ruler that I received was of an interesting knife ($9.95 US) design that really does look like a large hunting knife and with the text – May Your Blade Strike True – burned on the packaging. However my husband noticed right away that there is no mark for where the 0 should start. So we took out one of our other rulers and sure enough, the spot where the 0 should start is actually not part of the ruler – there fore if you use this for measurement it will be inaccurate by 1/16th of an inch or so.

The "Combat" ruler is made of birch plywood about 1/8th inch thick, which flexes if you put a little pressure on the ends, and the writing, design and measurement marks are all burned into the wood with, I believe, a laser. I wouldn’t recommend this ruler as a gift for children, but I can certainly see the appeal to hunters and goofy office workers who would use their break time to have mock pirate fights with one-another. J

The company (based in MD, US) offers laser-etched pictures as well, and produces different ruler styles such as a battle ship ruler, with the insignia – Rule The Seas - that for some reason is priced less than the knife even though it looks like a more complicated design.

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