Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Biodynamic Gardening and More!

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Drop by the link (above) to find today's interview on the Lady Talk Live radio show. The 3 hosts, Kimmie, Lorne and Nasima (sp?) asked me questions about zero waste, how gardening plays a role in zero waste... and we focused mainly on biodynamic gardening techniques. We touched on a lot of aspects from ancient gardening, moon gardening, amendments like green sand, kelp meal, compost and glacial rock dust, as well as organic garden applications of diatemacious earth and neem oil. We also covered (briefly) the first r's of zero waste (rethink, reconsider, rent, repair and refuse) but didn't have time to talk about the others (reduce, repurpose, recycle, rot). The hosts asked some fantastic questions and of course I could have talked all day about these topics! lol I had a wonderful time there and I hope you'll check it out.

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