Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

Victoria Nolph of Vino Backyard Designs ( invited me to review their Monogram return address stamp product around the end of December 2013, which as a business owner and member of the media I could certainly use. I’m often sending packages and boxes through the mail and have to write the address directly on the box or print something out from the computer and tape it on the box. I felt this stamp would come in quite handy for our work.

* sample stamp image

She asked me for some information prior to creating the stamp and sending it my way including:

-The names I would like at the top

-The address

-The monogram (and whether I preferred the male or female initial first. …Female first is more modern, male first is more traditional.)

Victoria started her business as a side venture a little more than a year ago, as she is a nurse by day and a business owner by night. She is thrilled to be running her business, which has been steadily growing based on exceptional customer service and offering great products. Stamps are her best selling product and whenever she receives an order she creates a proof and sends images to her customers within 24-48 hours and can make any changes to meet the customer’s approval prior to manufacturing the stamp and shipping it out.

Victoria was careful with sending me images of the finished design for my approval – I made a small change in her design; the original had LBD (our initials: Lillian & Dave Brummet). I felt the B in the center didn’t look right even though it was bigger, and I wanted the stamp to represent our business, not just us. 

I chose to have my stamp design start with the business name at the top (Brummet Media Group) and the center monogram as the business name initials (BMG) instead. The return address is listed on the bottom of the stamp. So after all those details were arranged, I ended up receiving the stamp on January 20th – delivered to mail box, in a larger than necessary recyclable cardboard box with a lot of stuffing (light paper) material inside, and a tiny box in the middle carrying the stamp. This is not really a breakable item so I was surprised by the amount of packaging and larger shipping box. The smaller box was tied with a natural string, like a bow, which was a nice touch – and all of the packaging was recyclable.

The first thing I noticed about the stamp was the backing is a natural wood, sanded smooth with grooves in the side for easy handling. The rubber stamp itself stank, but I assume that like most new rubber products the odor would fade over time – which it did in a few weeks. The stamp design was also burned into the wood, which was a nice touch. I plan on using the stamp for shipping purposes as we do have envelope labels and printed envelopes and the stamp will certainly come in handy for larger boxes and packages that we send through the mail. I like the design of this stamp and feel that it will give our out-going mail a more professional look. I really like how it turned out although Dave thinks the letters are a little too curly for his taste.

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