Thursday, February 6, 2014

Solar Energy Advancements

-- Quote of the Day -- 

Re: bullying

 “When you start hearing people being blamed for something and called names – you know this is gone beyond teasing and is now bullying. Just step in, or tell someone so that people know about the incident, tell many people so that you know that someone will step in. Even sometimes teachers will ignore what is happening – people – you need to step in, you need to make a difference… say something about it.”

~ Josey Milner

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on June 30… titled: Musicians Making a Difference

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 -- Positive News --

Online news sites have recently been talking about some amazing innovations in the solar power industry. Network Rail for instance has opened the world’s largest solar powered bridge. This bridge reaches across the Thames river and has approximately 4,400 solar panels on it that are expected to generate enough energy to supply half of the London Blackfrair Train Station’s energy needs. I’ve also seen a report on a solar highway being tested.

More exciting news on the solar industry front – there is talk that the US and Canada will soon be producing solar power generating roof shingles! Yep, you read right – your next roof upgrade could very well supplement your energy needs and maybe even feed back into the system earning you a little cash from the energy companies.

Most solar technology today uses rare resources (like indium or gallium) that are more often available from foreign lands and the products are quite difficult to recycle, however new technology advances are driving the industry to use more common, sustainable and cheaper resources like zinc and copper, and many of these natural resources are abundant in the US and Canada. New recycling techniques are also rising to meet the demand of unwanted older solar power equipment as well.

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