Saturday, March 1, 2014

product review

 Jennifer Feliciano first approached me for doing a product review of the Tippy Toes Towel ( back in Jan. 3rd and while the company site is lacking in content I loved the concept. There are a lot of people with weight issues, flexibility issues and back issues that prevent them from drying their feet properly – which can lead to odor and fungal problems. Especially in the case of individuals with compromised immune systems or people with diabetes, the act of drying between the toes is even more important. My father-in-law has had these problems (above) and he was the first person that I thought of when I was introduced to this product – I thought it would be perfect for him.

The package arrived on January 21st in a grey plastic (recyclable) envelope, encased in clear (recyclable) plastic, bundled with a paper ring that held the towel in its nicely folded shape for shipping.

This fluffy, 100% cotton, machine washable towel has 4 strips cut into it that are just right for fitting in between those toes comfortably. People can now easily dry the entire foot at once without having to individually dry each toe with a corner or edge of a towel. As such I think this product would save people time in the bathroom. The slashes seem to have been sewn well so fraying shouldn’t be a problem, but I do wonder if it would cause entanglement with other items in the washing machine or dryer.

My father-in-law tried the product out and said it worked very well for him – an overweight elderly gentleman who is unable to touch his toes. I hope that he’ll continue to use it regularly and that it will help with his foot fungus issues. I think that this product would work well for drying between the fingers as well. Perhaps beauty people would find it useful for manicures or nail painting too because it separates the digits so comfortably.

Despite doing a thorough Internet search, I couldn’t find any information about the ethics of the company (whether they are sustainable, act to create positive change in some way or have eco-friendly policies in place) and I was not able to find out if they work with or support any causes. I think the company might find that consumers would like this towel available in different colors, other than stark white.

Overall I feel the product serves a large number of people out there who have trouble reaching their toes, find drying their toes and fingers uncomfortable or who are too rushed for time to take the extra few minutes to thoroughly dry their digits. 

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