Wednesday, March 5, 2014

reusing plastic food boxes

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“We are not alone, there is a reason and a purpose for everything. …At the time of feeling these things and experiencing these things we fell like: ‘Why me?’ …When we look back everything that has happened in our lives have led us here including opening doors and new opportunities that would not have happened if we did not experience what we did in our lives. …of living in a way that is bigger than ourselves. …Writing a memoir – it is one thing to write in a journal and you put it away in a drawer, but it is another thing entirely to push that send button – it is scary. …We have to remember as humans we do care, we want to feel valued – you feel like you have done all this work and you feel sometimes not validated and that has to do with our own ego and our own expectations. …For those that are waiting for us to speak to them in this way they are thinking ‘That is exactly how I feel and I am so glad someone said that for me’ because not everybody has the ability or the channel to express what they are going through. …Find your greatest gift and what you really want for yourself, your life and the people around you. Find your passion and then try and map out a way to share your passion and live your purpose in the limited time we have in this world.”

~ Mali Phonpadith

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on August 22, 2013… titled: Healing thru Business and Creative Arts

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-- Recycling Tips -- 

When shopping at the grocery store, sometimes we have no choice but to purchase items like salad, deli items, packages of baked goods or tiny grape tomatoes in plastic boxes. Fortunately there is hope - yes, they are recyclable so you can give them a good rinse, let dry and pop in the recycling bin. Stacked together or stepped on to squish them down, they will take up less room. However, what I've been doing lately is keeping all these various sized containers (clean and dry, stored in the pantry inside a large clean plastic bag to keep clean) and using them later on for a variety of uses. 

I might fill one with fresh baked cookies and give them to a neighbor or friend I really appreciate, or someone who doesn't cook for themselves or to someone who did something nice for us. Or I might pack a container with us for traveling so we have snacks on hand, and perhaps another of dog treats. Muffins, and other goodies would work in these as well. You can also easily store your home made sprouts in these - I line them with a piece of paper towel first to soak up any moisture. You can also use them to store and/or share fresh cut herbs from the garden or window sill pots. These plastic boxes can be reused many times before having to put in the recycling bin, extending their life and reducing waste. Use them to store various garden harvests, or share them with friends, family or donate to the food bank.

They come in very handy especially at Xmas time because at that time we tend to bake a lot of goodies (except the last two years, but I plan to again for the upcoming one) and so if you have a lot stored away, don't worry - they'll come in handy later on. All you need to do is print out a Xmas (or other holiday) design, or cut one out of an old Xmas card, and paste on the top to cover any old labels. A little bow and - voila - your Xmas food gift box is ready to go... saving you a lot of money in packaging and wrapping costs.

 Can you think of other reuse ideas for these plastic boxes? I can think of one more... if the plastic walls are thick enough you might be able to use them in your closets and RV for drawer organizers, storage bins, etc.

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