Saturday, April 5, 2014

Creston BC - eco-friendly activities all summer long

 Things to do this Spring/Summer:

Creston (BC, Canada) will be hosting another annual Home And Garden Show over at our modern recreation center! I missed last years, but went the year before that and was amazed and inspired by all the information, booths, food, and displays offered there. It was a really interesting and exciting place to be - and I will be going to this year's for sure. I hope to see you there:

The city will also be offering free Spring Yard and Garden Clean-up collections on April 22, 23 and 24, 2014.  Click HERE for more information.

The city website also announced the following which I thought you might be interested in knowing about:
"WaCanId is an annual cycling tour that takes participants along paved roads that encircle the Selkirk Mountains (Washington, British Columbia, Idaho). This six day event will cover 560 km and showcase some of the magestic beauty that this region of the world has to offer. Anyone interested in participating in this event (Sept. 15-20, 2014) should visit the WaCanId website for more information."

And at the Creston Valley Wildlife's site: Nature enthusiasts from beginner through to expert will be taking part in the 2nd annual Creston Valley Bird Festival! The CVWMA Wildlife Centre will be opening the doors for the season and hosting Bird Fest Events including a Children's specific "Winged Investigation"!

Events must be booked in advance at
FREE regular admission to the Wildlife Centre!

And of course the Market Gardens over by the Chamber of Commerce building will be in effect soon, as will the many festivals, regularly scheduled live performances and activities at the Snoring Sasquatch, parades and more.

So lots to plan for when traveling through the Kootenays this year.  

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