Sunday, April 6, 2014

Egg Cartons; reuse

-- Reuse - Egg Cartons --

I was inspired to create this post from a discussion on a community forum where people were asking where they might take empty and clean egg cartons for reuse. 

Some of the responses included:

- Taking them to elementary school arts classrooms where they will reuse them for various art projects. This is a great idea, and as long as the art teacher is actually needing them of course, it would help extend the school budget too. 

- Taking them to the local food bank. A lot of food banks have eggs given to them by local farmers or they might purchase eggs in bulk packs from the grocery store. They'll often saw the egg cartons in half and distribute the 1/2 dozen packages to their clients.

- A business in town (Creston, BC) known as Cresteramics also takes egg cartons for their art programs. 

- Another business in town, Sunset Seeds, will collect egg cartons and invite their farmer clientele to take from their collection.  

- I've noticed that one of our 2 health food stores - The Golden Herb - and also the butcher shop - Fritz's - sell local farm eggs... one might ask those stores and others like them if they would like cartons for their egg supplier to reuse. 

- Go online and do an Internet search using key words like "crafts using egg cartons" to find dozens and dozens of craft ideas for your family to do over the summer.

Alternatively, check out our book: Trash Talk - It's Easy To Be Green Vol. 1; we have a full chapter dedicated to the reuse and recycling and even repurposing of egg cartons - and share how this can have a surprisingly positive effect in the community.

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