Sunday, May 18, 2014


-- Chatter --

I wanted to take the opportunity today to encourage our readers to browse the blog pages via the tabs on the top of the screen there, below the blog name. You'll find a media page that lists the most recent 50 or so interviews and media appearances that I've done (in the order of oldest on the top of the page to newest at the bottom).  By doing so you'll find interesting discussions, learn more from us and about us, but also discover wonderful informative resources (sites, blogs, talk radio, etc.) that you may want to follow regularly. For those of you looking for media exposure for your product, business or service - these resources might prove to be marketing opportunities for you as well. Feel free to share whatever links on the media page with your social networking circles as well. It is a great way to show support for our work, the media member, and to also spread the information around.

You'll also find a section that refers to product reviews I have done on this blog over the years. I am very careful to chose review projects on eco-friendly, conscious living, and ethically produced products ranging from food to clothing, to compost units and more.

Additionally I've taken the liberty to include a page of testimonials - this is where I share comments by members of the media, people who have heard our interview, listeners of the radio show, guests who have appeared on our blog or radio show, and publishers, agents, etc. that I've dealt with over the years. That page is there to show you how other people feel about working with us. 

Additionally there is a brief introduction to what Dave and I are all about, along with a few fun pics of us enjoying nature on the About page. 

You'll also find many links on the side bars of this blog leading to more opportunities and information that I hope you'll take advantage of.

I welcome comments and always welcome networking opportunities, as well as queries for guests on the blog or radio show. 

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