Monday, May 12, 2014

Media event

-- Whew -- 

What a busy spring we have had here. We finished turning all 3 compost bins - sifting the finished compost bin, and using the contents to top off garden beds where we could (some beds had things planted in them already). Then - created the start of our landscaping projects on this property with a 30' X 5 or 6' wide bed along the fence line inside the yard. I planted purple iris and a clematis rescued from other areas of the yard (where the original owners planted them) that they weren't doing well at. Then Hal (who unfortunately recently passed) offered us some day lilies and blue hyacynth flowers from a bed he wanted to take out. So we took some divisions of those... then another neighbor friend allowed us to take a few old fashioned very early blooming bulbs from the side of her house... so those are all in the new landscape bed. I also planted some nasturtium, sunflower, peony, bearded tongue penstimum, (spelling?), and some daisy... some 4oclock etc. So the area should fill in nicely. At the end of the bed, near the parking spot we have a huge pine tree, hosta and a good sized rhubarb plant that I got a couple years ago from yet another neighbor. Anyway - I'm looking forward to seeing things settle in and start to bloom in our new bed. Eventually the landscaping will line the entire fence line both inside and outside our property but at least we have a start on it. 

Next weekend we'll finish setting up the irrigation for the two new garden beds (soaker hoses) that were built last fall and this spring and filled with compost this year. This year all the beds will be connected to one hose so that I can water all of them with one twist of the wrist. yay! And by the end of the month we can start working on our storage area projects.

The office is almost back to par - after our computer malfunction and new equipment coming in setting up new programs, getting files created, gathering data that I lost where I could... I'm almost up and running again. I hope to start work on the manuscript by the end of the week and start marketing again next week.

So it has been a bit harry-scary around here but we are almost back on track again! What a relief!

-- Media Event -- 

I am thrilled to announce another interview will go live today! I will be a guest on Selling In A Skirt radio show with host Judy Hoberman - Topic: will revolve around running a business.

The show airs live at 10 AM today (Pacific) and goes for about an hour, there will be two guests including myself. And the show will be made available as an archive so you can check it out later on if you want. But if you join the live show there should also be a chat room open for listeners so you can chat with me, the producer and possibly the host and other listeners in the chat room too.

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