Monday, July 28, 2014


-- Poetry -- 

Every once in a while I like to share a little poetry on our site. Today I'd like to share one of my favorites from the collection of my father-in-law's - Frank Brummet. Frank has been writing poetry as a hobby for most of his adult life. Delving into the hobby more fully after retirement, he has now written hundreds of poems and enjoys experimenting with many different techniques. At his former residence he was heavily involved with the local writer's group. Today, you might spot him at local Creston, BC (Canada) events reading poetry at places like open house talent shows, seniors centers and more. 

To Paint Love

I would paint love on a canvas of caring, 
Mixing colours on a palette of promise.
The red of passion, the blue of longing,
The green of life in the meadow of hope.

I would depict mountains of joy,
A cool river bubbling with music,
Flow of laughter from happy children.
I would paint the tree of together,
With arms to embrace tnder feelings.

A gentle breeze to blow sweet kisses
That stir the leaves of a joyful heart.
Beneath the tree: blossoming dreams
Sheltered from the winds of sorrow.

The canvas hung on a wall of faith
In the happiness of each tomorrow. 

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