Tuesday, August 12, 2014

recycling & clothing

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should act more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live."

~ Sébastien-Roch Nicolas

-- Positive News -- 

In our Trash Talk - It's Easy To Be Green book series we have a section that focuses on clothing... there are so many ways to reuse, repurpose and even recycle clothing! And as a consumer we can buy used or buy new clothing with recycled content.

I was recently reading an article (  http://tinyurl.com/q95mmg6 ) about the Die Kop Swop Shop  a new business that focuses encouraging recycling through a clothing and stationery exchange.

The store staff and volunteers show participants a variety of items that are made from recyclable products, creating dialogue about the importance of recycling. Women and children bring in recyclables that they've spent time collecting around their homes, streets and neighborhoods and in exchange are given blankets, clothing, crayons, school supplies, kitchen ware and other household items.  The children were also given oranges and the staff are thinking about instigating a hand-wash program for the kids before handing out oranges in the future. 

The store is run mainly by donations - they accept stationary, crayons, pencils, rulers, clothing, towels, and much more. Visit the link above to find contact information if you want to help them out or to learn more about their efforts.

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