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Facebook Marketing

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 * Today's article (below) was written by Katherinn Palacio - a mom, wife and home business coach who looks forward to new and lasting friendships with amazing people like you.
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 Facebook  is the place in where you will find people who have the same mentality you do about working from home, making their dreams come true and the top reason, to be financially free. The thing is that most new home business owners have no clue how to approach or talk to people offline and online and the first thing they do is pitch you their opportunity, service or product and expect for the person to say yes from the beginning. Unfortunately it does not work that way and in online marketing is all about building a relationship as you are building value, followers and find your best Team Leaders that together will take each other to the top and become the best of friends.

In order to do so, you must first learn about the ones that seem interest in what you have to offer as they ask you to be their friends on Facebook or any other social media sites. As they friend request you, send them a PM (private message) saying hello and thank you for the friend request and an interactive question like what brings you to Facebook? Where are you from and tell them something quick about you and what this does is opens the door off trust with the new friend, because they feel good that you are not there to pitch them or spam them. It makes you valuable to them that you are person that cares and from there the conversation will start and continue to grow. If they seem a little edgy or rude, don't be the same be courteous and nice - remember do not do to others what you would not like done to you. After the ice has been broken go and visit their page and see what they are about and comment on their most recent updates and like their photos, as this is another way to get them to go and look at what you are about and so on. When they celebrate a victory, celebrated with them and when they are down, lift them up as this makes them feel good that people care and are paying attention. Do this with all the people you come across with and you will see how your interaction with them gets bigger and bigger but you must maintain it. I am not telling you to be on Facebook all day, but if you spend an hour or two commenting, posting, liking and answering messages with time you will have built a strong relationship with most of them and they have even become part of your team because they joined you not the opportunity that you are in that comes later on.

Second, you must post and do updates from time to time and not all business related. For this is better to create a Fan page or Group Page, where you can post about your businesses and so on. On your personal page, it should be about you and what you are about and from time to time post about a business or opportunity but from your blog post not the opportunity itself. People love to read so it would be much easier to get their attention based on a blog post to get them to read it and from there they will opt-in for more, purchase, comment and at times even share your blog post with others.
Third, pictures that you post on your timeline make sure they are positive and funny. Stay away from negative things and make sure that the pictures you are posting are free to use or they belong to you. Share other positive things from friends that you see on your timeline as with that you will have the opportunity of other people seeing your share and other friendship starting. For your profile photo make sure to put a picture of you just being you and your cover photo you can make a photo Collage or put a positive quote and so on, just Google Facebook covers and there are a bunch of sites that you can upload the covers into your timeline straight from their site by simply becoming a member, its free.

Finally, Rinse, Repeat and continue to build the relationships with time. Don't worry if at the beginning you do not get that much interaction as people are getting to know you, but remember you must do your part as well. You want people to be interest in you so you must be interested in them as well, being a home business owner and network marketer is about solving people's problems and the only way to do that is by finding out what is it that they need help with even if they do not tell you. This is why interaction with them through private message is very important because you never know who might need your help that day that you send them a message just saying hi and god bless you, it would literary bring a smile to their face and you will know because they will tell you. I love it when I get that from people I message and asking them how they have been and I send them many blessing for them and their loves ones and that has turned their day around for the better. It is a simple process you just need to be consistent and committed to wanting to know about people and focus on their needs not yours. If you want to be seen like a leader of value you must act like one by being kind, understanding and giving them value to learn from or to act upon.

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