Thursday, October 16, 2014

World Food Day

-- World Food Day -- 

October 16th is World Food Day – used to encourage recognition of hunger issues, food distribution, local food production, gardening and food waste recovery.

As you know I am a proponent of edible landscaping and gardens - the more we can produce in our own space be it a balcony or window sill or a large garden, the less fossil fuels are spent, we ingest more nutrients, we produce less waste AND we have a lot of produce to give away. This year from our little 7 raised bed garden area (so far),  Dave and I were well fed and have full pantry/freezer areas... and despite this were still able to share with 5 neighbors, Dave's co-workers, friends and family that stopped by for visits and a few small trips to the local food bank with our extra's as well.  Several contacts are also gardeners and they had success where we had failures or they grew something we didn't and visa-versa. As such we were able to create little exchanges throughout the year as well. 

Locally we have several non-profit organizations that focus on creating meals as fundraisers, and gardeners could help them out as well. There's the food bank that is always looking for extras, there's the harvest share group that will make arrangements to have volunteers come pick your fruit/nuts, etc. and give you some, but take the rest for distribution in the community. There's people in your workplace, people you volunteer with, groups you participate in - each of these little groups or outlets offers a wonderful way to give back to the community.

Composting is the greatest thing we as individuals can do to improve the health of the environment, creating nutrient rich soil for our plants, lawns, trees, etc. Planting trees and diverse landscaping beds provides food, shelter, habitat, nutrients, shade, moisture and more to all kinds of life forms. 

Every little bit helps you know  - and the more green space we have, the cleaner our air will be. We'll also have fewer run-off issues, better soil, healthier communities, more comfortable and beautiful neighborhoods... 

What isn't there to love about this movement? So please do consider getting on the "band wagon" by planning a little more green space where you can - at home or at work. Perhaps volunteering or fundraising for various food and compost related charities and groups is something you can do. Maybe you can participate financially by purchasing excess food and products needed by these groups (like those mentioned earlier). 

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