Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Furry Friends

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"There is something about the presence of a cat...
 that seems to take the bite out of being alone." 

~ Louis J. Camuti

 -- Gratitude for furry friends -- 

I came across the quote above and it got me reminesing on all the wonderful fur-children that have blessed our lives. Pets really are such a blessing, they comfort us, cheer us, get us playing and giggling on the floor. They hug us, kiss us, cuddle us and love us. They are, like us, animals - and as such have instincts that come with their species and breed, however each of them has their own unique personality. I was inspired to write this open letter to all the animals who had a direct impact on my life simply with their presence.

Thank you to:

 Sadie, my best friend on a farm - not just a milk cow but a play mate, a source of comfort and solace.
Angel, the pure white kitten with two different eyes who sadly was never really well.
Casper, Angel's brother who had translucent faint blue eyes.
Harley, who greated me ever day after work singing to me from our apartment window as he saw me walking home. 
Fritz, who belonged to a roommate we had for some 5-6 years.
Homer, who ran away after accidentally being enclosed in a friend's van overnight.
Muffin, who joined our home before finding a fur-ever one.
Indy, Muffin's daughter who graced us with her long life (12 years).
Skylo, a loyal, comforting canine who protected me and helped me heal old wounds.
Onyx, a troubled abused dog designated as "unadoptable" who helped me heal old wounds, to love unconditionally, forgive and realize my strengths.
Skyla, the clumsy Grendel like puppy who still brings giggles and joy to us ever day.
Duchess, the amazing clown-faced dog - protective and big hearted, but most of all the most loving and playful creature I've ever known who curls up on Dave's lap on the floor like a little puppy (which she is NOT). 
Korma, the street kitten who found her home with us (a few years ago) that plays with Skyla, cuddles and sleeps with Duchess (despite having her own bed) and adores her human daddy Dave.

For those that are no longer with us - we miss you... I miss you. I hope you'll forgive my weaknesses and know that I remember you and care for you still. For those still with us - I adore you and am so grateful you joined our home!  

Remember - if you plan on giving a pet this holiday season or at any other time of the year to learn more about the recipient ( are they high energy or low energy etc.) and discuss it with the animal shelter. Animal shelters are really strained during the winter months because there are more animals needing shelter at that time of year and because of the higher costs in heating the building and lower volunteer #'s due to people traveling to warmer climates. If you can: adopt, donate funds or supplies (towels, rags, paper towels, pet shampoo, treats, etc.), or volunteer if you can. Also, if you have a chance, try to promote the animal shelters online by helping to spread the word about their fundraisers, events, or just generally sharing info about them to your contacts online.

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