Wednesday, March 11, 2015


-- Quote of the Day -- 

“ Respect is earned, just as trust is. 
Should you abuse either, 
your reward will be neither.”

~ Christopher Wright

 -- Chatter --

I know I mentioned this earlier this year a few times but I have to say how wonderful our readers are here. You have all been so understanding and supportive of our need to take more time for other projects with the intent, of course, of coming back to a daily blog in the future.

However I should apologize as some how it became the 11th of March already and the blog got skipped for a while. So apologies for that. 

On the plus side I found the recipe photos going all the way back through the years to  nearly 17 years ago... that is how long we've been working at perfecting this upcoming cookbook. 

Also, I've made a lot of headway in the final edit of the manuscript - more than 2/3's done now. Whew! I also added another chapter: non-food recipes - for making herbal tea blends, hair treatments, pest deterrents for both indoors and in the garden, etc. Many of these have special meaning to me personally as they were discovered, trialed and used for many years on my late parent's farm (Elison Arms Herbals). We're still trying on the hats of a few different titles, our favorite two are "Garden of Flavor" and "From One Small Garden"... or "One Small Garden". Still weighing in on that. In fact - if you have a thought on the title choice I'd love to hear it! 

On the home front we're sifting humus from the finished compost bin and topping off the garden beds during sunny, warm days. Any other time we have has been spent making the area under the living/dining/deck area of the house into an insulated, wired, drywall/painted and trimmed (single) garage, with an extended workshop room off to the side, a window, automatic insulated garage door and back entrance to the garage from the back yard. So that eats up a lot of our time; working around our stuff in there and temperatures extending drying time. And yes - we are doing the work ourselves.

I've got a lot of great content coming up this next week for you! Drop by tomorrow for a informative article about choosing the right plants for each location.

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