Sunday, March 1, 2015

pet names, part 1

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“If cats could talk, they wouldn't.” 

~ Nan Porter

 -- Pet Names -- 

*Part 1 of a  series of posts offering suggested pet names. 

I came across these names while reading a book about ancient goddesses from around the world. I thought these names would work nicely for pets... you are welcome to use them if you like :)

Which ones do you like the best?

 Ayla (A-ee-lah)
Adecina (add-ess-een-a)
Aevel (aye-vell)
Belisama (bell-iss-ah-mah)
Saber (say-burr)
Shibumi (shi-boom-ee)
Hanai (hann-aye)
Lalita (lah-lee-tah)
Daksha (dack-shaw)
Nerthus (nerr-thus)
Freyja (fray-ya)

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