Friday, April 10, 2015

Camping / Travel Prep

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"It always rains on tents.  Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent."  

~Dave Barry

-- Camping Season -- 

Yes, it is camping season ! Yay! (sound of heels clicking and hands clapping). Dave and I always joke that it is time to help out the farmers and go camping... because it rains and storms like 80% of the time that we can get away! lol

I see RV'ers driving our roads in bliss (while the rest of us wither in jealousy). So the call to sleep in the woods has come... but are you ready?

Last year I realized how frustrated I was becoming in the stages of set up prior to leaving. There was just so much to be done around the home and office in advance of the time away, and all the preparation of food and clothes and... only to get there and get a cramp or something and realize you don't have any pain killers, no muscle relaxants, no muscle cream - but ah! there's rum! lol 

Now someone who goes through the amount of pain I do - you don't make that mistake more than once. I now have a little emergency pack in the Jeep and on my key chain. Another thing we need to update is our emergency kits - like for first aide. We do have some partial medical zones in the house, a bit in the RV, there might even be a little one in the Jeep... but they are old and I don't even know what is in them. So that is another project for another day... but I won't leave that project too long as it is important.

Anyway, back to camping - so being the proactive kinda gal that I am, I got out my pen and made lists. Yeah - that's me. List lady.  We saved good quality small and tiny containers all year long. So this year I had this list and the containers to go with it - stored in one clear zip bag (reused from bedding we had purchased). It was easy to fill (and label) each container, ticking items off the list until we had it complete. There wasn't any rushing, no fussing, no frustration. Pens, paper, games, bedding and anything non-perishable and non-food or cleaning supply etc related will always be left in the camping supplies even through the winter. Everything else has to be refreshed. So here is my list and perhaps it will help you in making your own. You'll notice I have a couple items have a little *. That is because those items should be in the camping supplies, but at the moment I don't have spares so I'll have to bring them last minute until I do have spares.

Last minute:

Fresh foods / menu foods 
Menu-based condiments (salsa, etc.)
Dog beds / bowls / food
Frozen Jugs
Juice Jug
Puzzles / books
*Bug spray
Firewood / starter
Recreation supplies

Spring Prep:

Peanut butter
White sugar
Powdered milk
Ice tea
Hot chocolate
Cooking oil
Dish soap
Hand soap
Bar soap
Face cream
Freeze jugs of water (for coolers and freezers)
Lip balm
Extra food
Wine vinegar
*Spray cleaner
Dog Meds
Dog bones
Breath mints
Throat lozenge
*Bug spray
Extra food storage containers
Eye Drops
Nasal spray
Muscle cream
Soup crackers

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  1. You may also want to add these to your list:

    Rake (collapsable)
    Broom (collapsable)
    Bug zappers (rechargable battery)
    baking dishes (menu based)
    citronella oil - for torches
    garlic powder
    baking soda
    paper towels
    can opener
    measuring cups


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