Friday, April 17, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

Around April 1st I responded to this review opportunity and the very next day I was sent a confirmation; we arranged the details that day (April 2nd), by April 4th I was signed up and ready to go. I had to come back to it a few days later due to schedule constraints, but found the course was on my mind a lot. I really devour business, marketing and management improvement resources, yet cringe at the thought of taking the time to join yet another site, fill out yet another profile –actually the process was super easy, taking a few seconds to access the course. 

The Work From Home - Turn Your Experience Into A$100,000 Income course put out by Udemy reveals 5 proven ways to turn your knowledge, skills and experience into a six-figure income”, according to course instructor Dave Espino (eh-speen-oh). Beyond that, it also helps guide the individual to choosing the right business model that fits their situation and personality best. Costing only $97, the course is sure to offer a positive return on investment. 

So, first – who is Udemy? This is an online school or “information product” provider offering over 20,000 courses; you’ll find photography, health and fitness, lifestyle, design, business and much more here so feel free to browse their site: The office seems to be located in San Francisco, CA.

This course offers less than one hour (55:77) worth of videos, done in a power-point style with audio covering 5 business models with the potential to bring in a steady income (Freelancing, E-commerce, Info-product Marketing, Affiliate, Offline Marketing). For me, those business models have crossed my path before, but the way that Dave explains them, shows how they can be applied by every-day people, make them appear to be easier more realistic, more practical. 

The format of the course is as follows: 7 different sections, each with several short lectures (under 4 minutes). Each section has a similar format: overview, explanation, examples, resources, personality types and a realistic look at the earning potential. He stressed a few times that the earning potential of someone seriously working that model will of course vary according to outsourcing, abilities, time put into it and how long you work the system (experience = better results). He was also quite encouraging about not being afraid of the opportunities or discount one’s self, because most people can learn the skills, earn the reputation, etc.

Interestingly, there is a line on the lower left of the course screen for selecting Auto-Play on or off. I liked it on – so that I could take notes and do office tidying while watching and learning, letting the computer just cycle through the lectures. Around Lecture #6 I did experience a glitch – the thing just froze – so I clicked on Lecture #7 then back to #6 as a kind or “reboot” and that worked, I was able to watch it without a glitch. That was the only technical issue I had during this whole experience.

When you finish this course you’ll find he offers some bonus items ranging from a list of helpful links to discounts for courses he offers and an book on the topic of the course: Monetize Yourself.

Be sure to complete all the lectures (you can click the little tick mark in the grey circle on the lower right of the screen to mark it as complete if it doesn’t do it automatically for you). Once completed you’ll be sent an email saying your certificate is ready – yep, proof that you took the course. This could be really helpful for people looking to get loans or support business start-up, or resume improvement.

The instructor also wanted me to pass along a massive discount coupon (over 90% off) for our blog readers; now I’m not sure how long the offer will remain active so do take advantage of these huge savings right away.


 My overall feeling about the course is that this is an overview of the 5 business models that have a potential of bringing in an income, but it does not detail exactly how to use them. The examples help the average person understand how those models can be applied in their situation though. I felt the emotion the course leaves students with is hope - and the encouragement here will surely inspire some of them to try passive, self-employment, or freelance work from home. 

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