Saturday, May 9, 2015

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I have always loved the sound of the Spanish language and often said that if I was capable of learning a language, beyond English and a little sign language, it would be Spanish. Well, I finally got my chance! I was thrilled to learn of the opportunity to review Erin Sieber’s new book – Learn Spanish The Gringa Way – The Easiest Way For English Speakers To Learn Spanish.

The book is written specifically for Americans who can learn to translate their thoughts and every-day sentences into grammatically correct Spanish on their own – without teachers, classrooms and tests. Erin, herself, is actually from a small city in  Maryland (US) where few people spoke Spanish, but having stumbled upon it in high school this woman grew to adore the language and it led her to many an adventure including living abroad in Spain and years of formal language schooling, and writing for Spanish newspapers.

Whenever I check out a book I am often interested in how eco-friendly it is and while this soft cover book is printed on acid-free paper, it has no recycled content or any mention of carbon offset.  Learn Spanish The Gringa Way is published by Author House, and imagery provided by Thinkstock. retails for $20.83 (Canadian) on  or $16.95 (US) on – where customers are saying they highly recommend this book and how easy it was compared to formal classes.  The author recommends that readers read and study each chapter five times before heading on to the next chapter and then read the book at least once again all the way through. This way your mind is more able to absorb and remember the content. 

I thought it was very helpful to have the words sounded out – i.e. Nueve (pronounced: new-a-vay)… which is the number nine. See – it is that easy! The process is as follows – you’ll learn the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months, seasons, telling time, and colors in that order. Then you’ll find out the language basics such as word stress and many similar words to English, mirror image words and suffixes. In the 3rd section you’ll learn about masculine and feminine, possession, etc. And in the 4th section you’ll start putting sentences or questions together. The 5th section is more advanced in that you’ll learn commonly confused words, actions words and give opinions, etc.

I’m excited to study this book and it will certainly be a member of my personal library collection for life – alongside my sign language books.  Many thanks to Erin for generously offering me the chance to take a look at her book. Check out her site at:

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