Saturday, June 6, 2015

Product Review

 -- Product Review --

Ashley S. from connected with me on April 24th regarding getting a review of one of their products, it was ordered by April 29th, and we had the Long Exercise Bands (5 feet in length, 6 inches wide) in our hands on May 9th.

The package includes 3 different grades of color coded bands made from high quality latex rubber: light (yellow), medium (blue), and  hard (red) – along with a single door anchor mechanism to allow for more versatility in exercises. Each part of the package was individually wrapped in clear plastic envelopes – which were recyclable. However they reeked of new rubber smell for several days, though the scent diminished after a week or so in the open the scent still remained. These bands do not come with handles like most other brands offer, so you’ll probably want to tie a knot on each end to allow for better gripping and reduce injury. The package also included a simple diagram offering a few examples of common exercises done with bands like these.

At this product has a list price of $24.99 but is currently on sale for 8.87.  They are not, however, available on

After an extensive internet search I could not find any information at all about the company – who they are, what their mission is, any eco-charity or social responsibility or recycling policies they might have… Interestingly, URBNFit does offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

While I was once in physiotherapy for a few years following a vehicle accident some 16 years ago, the first I heard of the bands was when Dave was going to physiotherapy about 3 years ago after some minor surgery. He brought home one at that time so he could continue the exercises after his therapy ran out, but I’ve not had a chance to use this product before and didn’t even know how… so I was grateful to see there was a basic guide included in the package.

They also have other interesting products on their site you may want to check out… in fact I’d love to get my hands on their yoga mat, which looks thick and comfortable.

To learn more about how to use stretch band like these for exercise and rehabilitation or stretching, check out these two links below that I found for you:

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