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Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

It is important to remember that the skin is an organ, it absorbs everything it comes in contact with and as such natural products like Maxasorb D3 Cream are looked at as a supplement for the entire body. This also reminds us that everything we put on our skin from make up and fragrances to chemicals in the air are absorbed into the body – which is why so many of us are increasingly conscious about the products that we buy, ensuring they are organic, all natural and healthy. We are increasingly seeing many medicines come in skin cream products as well as “patches”.

Maxasorb D3 is paraben free and made with natural ingredients – listed as: water, aloe juice, coconut oil, glycerin, palm stearic acid, emulsifying wax, cetyl myristoleate, panthenol, cetyl alcohol, Vitamin D3 – 1000IU/dose, Vitamin E, phenoxethanol, tetrasodium EDTA, scorbic acid, citric acid.

Vitamin D is what our body makes from exposure to sun and through eating various mushrooms as well. People who are doing shift-work, spend most of their time indoors or live in northern climates are often lacking in this vitamin. According to the company “Vitamin D# promotes a healthy heart, strong bones and an improved immune system”. I have also read a few articles in health magazines that suggest a connection between autism, emotional depression (i.e. seasonal affected disorder) and the lack of Vitamin D.

We started the discussion for this project on May 5th and it arrived in a bubble mail envelope (9X11” in size) around May 15th, but we were not able to pick it up from the US postal service until May 30th due to schedule constraints. It came in a 3X5” white and yellow paperboard box and the bottle had a 2” plastic safety seal on the bottle and clear plastic protective cap (both of these are recyclable). 

The instructions on the bottle were a little confusing in that it didn’t’ specify where to apply the supplement on the skin, only to “rub a full pump onto the skin 1-2 times daily… children under 12 years should only use once per day” – to apply externally only and to avoid contact with the eyes. I chose to put the 1st pump a forearm and the other on a shin, whereas my husband Dave put both pumps worth on his hands. The second time I tried it (2 days later, because I forgot) I put both pumps worth on my left arm from shoulder to wrist in quick strokes and it disappeared right away – and the third application went on my belly. I thought it would be wise to apply it on different areas each time, although the product did not suggest this.

Both Dave and I noticed that it soaked in right away, and there was no scent at all – we definitely noticed that we had softened skin where it was applied. The lotion is odorless, hypoallergenic and I had no allergic reaction (I’m super sensitive).

I was slightly concerned about the fact it uses a pump to disperse the product, while it likely measures the dose more accurately my concern lay in that most pump style containers leave a great deal of the product in the bottom and you have to cut the container open to access the last of the product. 

The 50 ml (1.7 fl. oz.) container is solid white, and doesn’t have a recycle symbol on the bottom or a plastic # so I’m not sure if one can recycle it or not. Each container offers 60 doses and should be stored at 55-85˚F. I liked that it had a plastic protective lid for the pump itself, keeping it from getting clumped up in case it dried out from exposed to air.

Maxasorb D3 Cream retails on their site for $29.95 but is currently on sale for $19.95 (US). The company has generously offered our blog readers a 15% off coupon code (one time use) for all Vita Science Products (a US company based in Airmont, NY) - use this code:  save15   on their site:

It also sells through with an original list price of $29.95 (US), which was slashed to $24.95 – but is now on sale for 19.95. Alternatively visit the page for this product where it is listed, but sold through third parties right now. I’m sure the company will update the page there for Canadian shoppers soon. 


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