Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

I was thrilled to learn of the opportunity to review Shoeslulu’s leather insoles back in mid May. By around June 1st I received one pair of men’s size 12 in British Tan Leather and one pair of women’s size 8 in Soft Lambskin Leather. The insoles were packaged in an appropriately sized, thin white plastic envelope (recyclable), and each pair was sealed in a clear plastic envelope (also recyclable). My contact was very careful to make sure we chose the right size, and took extra time to make sure we had everything we needed for this review, which I appreciated. 

The men’s insoles on have a list price of $34.99 (US) however they are currently on sale for $14.95. The women’s insoles have a list price of $42.99 but are also on sale for $14.95. They are not, unfortunately, currently available on

These insoles are made of genuine, high quality, hand crafted, imported leather. Being leather, I was initially concerned that they may cause feet to sweat and could stick to the feet when removing shoes. However, what I found out was that the leather is not only comfortably smooth, but also absorbs moisture.

They are incredibly thin; yet offer a breathable activated carbon filter, which helps control foot odor. The padding, while thin, provides wonderfully comfortable cushioning without taking up much space in footwear… unlike most other insoles we’ve tried.

These won’t shrink either, and there are no seams. They look quite nice too – so you can put them in your high-class footwear. Mine, however are in my slippers that I use everyday around the house and home office – and I absolutely love them! They contour slightly to one’s feet so the longer you wear them the better they feel. I can’t believe the difference they made in my slippers.

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