Friday, July 24, 2015

Product Review

- Product Review -

I was thrilled to hear from Eric Burk, co-founder and CEO of the Keep Tight company (based in Castle Pines, CO – US) with the opportunity to review their fantastic hoodie. Keep Tight specializes in fitness and health clothing for women who are hardcore fitness enthusiasts. They produce high quality, comfortable clothing using cutting edge technologies and fabrics. Eric and his wife Melanie, began this business together based on their own experiences with clothing that had inadequate support, were unflattering, dysfunctional, and clothes that contribute to chafing, rubbing or bouncing.


I was sent a confirmation of the product order by the support team on June 18 sent via FedEx and was told it would take about 3 days to arrive - it arrived in 4 business days. KeepTight IronFleece Performance Hoodie I received was “nebula grey and pink” but also comes in black and pink. It has a retail price of  $79.99 (US). Eric was right on top of things and made sure I received the order safe and sound in the time frame that they promised and provided all the links you see here in this review today - making my job a lot easier. 

The grey and pink hoodie fit a little big when I took it out of the bubble envelope, but after the first washing it fit perfectly. I loved the form fitting style, helping me feel more feminine. The holes in the long arms were fantastic addition as they prevent the arms from moving around when working out or doing outdoor activities. The hoodie is a bit longer than most, too, going down over the hips a little, but I liked this as it covers everything nicely – no longer needing to constantly adjust clothing or zippers during activities. The hood itself is perfectly shaped, without blocking vision or sliding around – increasing comfort for the wearer. Rather than pull cords, the hood has elasticized cords looped through a plastic cord lock, like those you’d find on backpacks.

This particular hoodie is made with a fabric they call “IronFleece(95% Polyester, 5% Elastane) because it is ultra strong, lightweight, and super soft. The fabric allows you to stay cool, wicks moisture away, but helps you keep the chill off as well. There are internal headphone grommets from the pockets on the inside of the jacket and a small pocket inside the side pocket to store keys or a small phone, etc. and it is so attractive you’ll wear this hoodie for many other activities including shopping around town.

The stitching and seams appear to be of high quality and I didn’t see any flaws even with a very close examination. However it is sewn in China however, which means more fossil fuels spent in shipping the product. Instructions are to machine was in cold water on a normal cycle, to not use bleach or softener and to tumble dry on low, removing promptly.

My final comment: great quality, superb feel and look – I love this hoodie.

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