Friday, September 25, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

How exciting to review high-end, original stainless steel frame, i-Design ID1002 UltraLight Aviator Sunglasses made in France! We initially touched base with the company around July 21st and picked up at the border on August 3rd. Not a bad time frame at all. The product arrived in a cardboard box (5” high X 7” wide X 10” long) with 8 air bubble packs, some filled with air, others not.

The product itself was housed in a smaller cardboard box (2” high X 2” wide X 7” long); inside - there was another vinyl coated box with a magnetic lid (great for storing these expensive shades), which was wrapped in a small plastic bag. The vinyl box expands when you open it and is cloth lined. Inside, I found a small black eyeglass cleaner cloth wrapped in an easily removed plastic covering, that has the iDesign logo printed on one corner of it. And the glasses were encased in a black cloth drawstring bag, also with the logo printed on it. The packaging, cloth and drawstring bag were – in my opinion, quite classy looking.

The glasses we received were black and silver in color, and the lenses had a grey tint. These imported glasses are made of a very lightweight, shatterproof, flexible, durable stainless steel metal frame (57 mm). The composite Tr90 nylon lenses are non-polarized, but are created to block 100% UV (UVA, UVB, UVC and up to 400 n.m. of blue light) – which will give users the best visual clarity possible for sunny days, winter or water glare, and glare off buildings, roads and vehicles.

Very lightweight glasses might seem cheap, but when you really look at the design you’ll notice metal hinges that don’t have screws to catch hair or scratch skin or come loose over time. The ends of the arms (that go over the top of the ears) and the nose bridge are both encased in white rubber pads to improve comfort. You’ll hardly notice these things are on top your head and may end up running around looking for them, wondering where you left them!  Ha ha

These are designed for men – and the first thing my husband noticed was that the lenses were flat and stuck out from the face a little and he thought that would definitely prevent them from fogging up or getting sweat on them which often happens to his other pairs when he’s cycling, hiking or snowshoeing. Because these are so lightweight it is unlikely that they would slip off the nose or slide around on the ears when the head begins to sweat.

The stats on these glasses are as follows:

·      Lens width: 57 mm

·      Lens height: 47 mm

·      Bridge: 18 mm

·      Arm: 138 mm

* I could not find a website for the company - therefore I cannot tell you more about their social responsibility, environmental, recycling, purchasing habits, charitable causes or in house policies.

While these are not available to purchase via - you can find these glasses on where they had an original list price of $149.99 (US) that was reduced to $99.99 (US) – but, as of the writing of this review, are currently on sale for $59.99 (US)

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